Here at Enchanted Parties the safety of our clients and cast is paramount. If we feel that at any point during your booking you are violating our Terms & Conditions the cast members present reserve the right to leave and a refund shall not be issued.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 our services and Terms & Conditions have been changed. Please ensure you have read and understood these fully before booking. You will be asked to sign a copy of these Terms & Conditions on the day of your event.

Parties now require a 50% deposit, paid via bank transfer, upon booking. We ask that the remaining 50% be paid no later than 2 hours before your event, also via bank transfer.

Our Princesses and Attendants will ensure they are socially distanced from the guests at your gathering however it is your responsibility as the host to ensure your guests are socially distanced from one another. If the children present break the social distancing distance the Attendant will step in to prevent contact with The Princess.

Our Princesses cannot accept anything to take away with them such as party bags, cake, food etc. If a gift or a tip is to be given we ask that it is given to the Attendant at the end of the booking in an envelope or bag.

If at any point the Princess and Attendant feel their safety may be compromised they reserve the right to leave and no refund will be issued. This includes if social distancing is not being adhered to, if more than the agreed number of people are present, if our staff feel there is anyway in which they are being exposed to the virus. 

Where possible parties should be held outdoors.

All parties can now only take place with a group of no larger than 6 individuals.

The birthday card will be given to an adult who can decide when to give it to the child. Tiaras and wands will be given to an adult in their plastic packaging. During our Enchanted Princesses and Enchanted Princess and Me Packages the Princess will encourage the adult to give the child/children the gifts from the Princess. This is to limit contact as much as possible.

If you have booked an outdoor package and the weather is inclement and the booking must be moved indoors there must be strict social distancing in place and we suggest adults wear face coverings if social distancing is not possible. Windows must be open for ventilation.

We must make it clear this is YOUR event and YOU are responsible for the health and safety of all guests present, Enchanted Parties cannot be held responsible for any injury or illness contracted by your guests at the event. In the event your gathering is broken up by law enforcement and a fine is imposed the responsibility of this fine lies with you.

Along with these Terms & Conditions our usual Terms & Conditions also apply and you will also be asked to sign a copy of those at the start of your booking.