“Do you supply the prizes for the party games?”

  • We supply the sweets and the centre prize for Pass the Parcel, however we don’t supply prizes for our other party games. We find the giving of prizes often slows down the flow of a party and in our experience the children don’t notice the absence of prizes. Our focus is more on the fun of the game and taking part, rather than winning.

“Do you offer glitter tattoos?”

  • We do not offer glitter tattoos, you can find all the details of what our packages include on our packages page.

“Do you offer face painting?”

  • We do not offer face painting, you can find all the details of what our packages include on our packages page.

“I’m having a bouncy castle at my party, is that a problem?”

  • While fun bouncy castles can be very loud and distracting. In our experience the Princess(es) often have to fight to be heard over the sound of the bouncy castles and less children join in with the party games as they would rather be on the bouncy castle. If you’re looking to book our Enchanted Princesses package please note we often ask if the bouncy castle can be deflated while the Princess is there to ensure you and your guests get the full Princess experience. 

“What time should I book the Princess(es) to arrive?” 

  • Where possible we advise that the Princess(es) should arrive at least 15 minutes after the start time of your party. This gives time for late comers to arrive and for the birthday child to greet their guests.

“Can the Princess carry the birthday cake out to the children?”

  • Depending on the weight of the cake our Princesses can carry/hold the birthday cake during ‘Happy Birthday’.

“Do you bring your own sound system?”

  • Yes. For big parties we bring our large speaker and microphones. For smaller parties we bring our smaller speaker.

“How strict are you on your ’25 children to one Princess’ policy?”

  • We ask that if you plan to have over 25 children attend that a second Princess MUST be booked. This is makes the running of the party a lot easier for the Princesses and Attendant present. Please note that siblings from the age of 2 years old to 8 years old count as we find that they often want to join in with the games and activities adding to the number of children present.

“Do you need anything to set up for the party?”

  • For our Enchanted Princesses package we ask for a chair for the Coronation and Pin the Tail game and a table (or area of the stage if your venue has a stage) to put our party equipment on. For our Enchanted Princess Experience we ask for a chair (a high bar stool-type chair is ideal) for the children to sit on and a surface to put our hair styling equipment on.

“Can I have my party outside?”

  • If the weather is good our Princesses love hosting parties outside. Please note though if the ground is wet/damp our Princesses will not be able to host the party outside.

“My child changes their favourite Princess all the time, do I have to decide which Princess I want right now?”

  • Not at all. We understand there are many Princesses all with different personalities and that children often change their mind. We do ask though that you decide your chosen Princess no later than a month before. If this is an issue please let us know.

“Can I request a certain performer?”

  • Of course you can! We love to know that our performers are doing a great job, however we cannot guarantee that your chosen performer will be available for your booking.